4 Likely Culprits for Your Window Damage

Struggling with window damage in your Potomac home? Window troubles can be a big, messy, costly source of stress. But don’t fret! The experts at Shanco can help you find some relief by bringing you some of the most common causes and sources of window damage.

Shanco has been providing homeowners in Maryland with superior window replacement in Potomac and the surrounding areas for decades. Our consumers trust us to always bring out the best, finding unique and perfect solutions to each and every issue. If you’re having some window woes, we’re here to help!

Four Major Sources of Window Damage

Windows aren’t exactly flimsy. Manufacturers put loads of work and effort into ensuring your windows were built to last. But we can’t plan around absolutely everything, and these four issues can crop up pretty much no matter what you do. Keep an eye out for these big problems:

  • Weather. Now, we’re not talking tornadoes. Even common storms can take a toll on your windows given enough time. High winds and exposure to moisture can wear on your window’s components, eventually leading to weakened seals that generate in-home water damage and damage to the window frame itself. The best way to stave off storm damage is to just keep an eye on things and get professional assistance the moment you notice something is off about your windows!
  • Mold. Everyone loves wood windows.  Why? Because not only are they gorgeous when used in virtually any design, they also boast some surprisingly awesome energy-efficiency, especially if you’ve had a window replacement in Potomac recently. However, wood has one major drawback. When moisture is allowed to settle for long periods of time, or your windows are not well-maintained, mold can take hold and begin to rot the window frame itself, leading to critical damage.
  • Impacts. If you hit something enough times, it’s going to break. Obvious, sure. But what might be less obvious is the source of impacts that are threatening your window. Animals, twigs from a storm, pebbles thrown up by passing cars; some of the windows in your home are subject to a constant barrage assault from mother nature. Keep a close eye out for telltale cracks and imperfections, and be sure to replace or repair glass right away if you spot something amiss.
  • Age. Everything comes to an end eventually, and your windows are certainly no exception. If your windows 10 to 15 years old, you’d be wise to consider window replacement in Potomac before something goes really wrong. Or if not, at least have them checked by a trusted professional that can give you a good idea of how your windows are holding up!

Peerless Window Replacement in Potomac with Shanco

When you need replacement, or just an opinion on whether or not window replacement is your best bet, you can always count on the experts at Shanco. Our top priority is bringing you the service you need most. No nonsense! Trustworthy service is something we value over anything else, so contact our team today to get the perfect window solution for your home!



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