5 Easy Tasks to Brighten Your Windows

With the budding of spring, residents of Maryland have a lot of exciting opportunities to remodel and renovate. If you feel like something in your home is feeling flat and boring, look no further than your windows! Many homeowners consider windows last when trying to update the home. Why is this a mistake? Because your windows are the frame of your room, and are responsible for providing clean, bright light. So be sure to make them shine just as brightly as the sunlight they let in!

At Shanco, our window experts strive to bring you the best possible solutions. This extends past superior installation and repair services; we want to bring you cool design ideas, too! Try these quick and simple solutions next time you’re looking to spruce up your space.

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Simple Window Tips

Whether you’re looking for a complete window replacement, or just for a quick little modification, we’ve got the right solution for you:

  • Pay attention to your trim. The vast majority of homes leave trim in the same state it was when it was machined at the factory. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to standards, but if you want something fresh, consider painting your trim. With the right complimentary colors, this can make your room pop, and add a dynamic and appealing splash of color.
  • Window treatments. Blinds, curtains, valances; there’s something to suit any design idea where window treatments are concerned. If your windows feel drab and boring, the right treatment is the perfect answer to suit your needs. Try layering your treatments for added complexity, creating an interesting contrast to your room space.
  • Window restoration. Sometimes the only thing you lack is a good, old fashioned cleaning and restoration! We’re not talking window cleaner, here. Hire professional glass specialists to restore your glass and you’ll find yourself enjoying a lot more sun than you might have expected!
  • Get creative. Panes don’t have to be ugly to be effective! Load up your favorite search engine and look around for unique pane styles. Maybe frosted glass for some added privacy without sacrificing light, or stained glass for a playful color splash. The options are nearly endless!

Window Replacement

Bits of color and a bit of cloth not doing it for you? Remember, this is your home, and the sky’s the limit here. If you don’t like the look of your current windows, get completely different ones!  Bay windows, garden windows, double-hung. There’s something for everyone, and you can get it all here with the certified window experts at Shanco. Contact us today to learn more about the options we have available, and to set an appointment!



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