5 Steps to Burglarproof Your Doors

At Shanco, we take a lot of things seriously. We take our service seriously, offering our consumers only the absolute best we can provide. We take our business seriously, and take every step possible to ensure we’re up to date and capable in every regard of our service. But there’s absolutely nothingwe take more seriously than your safety!

Are the doors in your home sound, stout, and capable of warding off potential intruders? Most are, to some degree. But it never hurts to take every step you can! The experts at Shanco come to you today to bring you some tips, ideas, and pointers for shoring up your home defense in a real and impactful way!

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How to Burglarproof Doors: A Quick Guide

Talking about vandalism and theft is never fun. But it’s a real subject, and one that needs to be discussed to some degree. The good news is that deterrents are the number one defense against home intruders and go a very long way in keeping you and your possessions safe. Are your doors up to the task?

  • Keep your door area clear. Visibility is possibly the number one break-in deterrent there is. Yard lighting and security lighting has shown proven results among numerous statistics. And this goes similarly. Avoid the use of shrubs, trees, large furniture, and other forms of blockage around the door area. Your front door should be a clear space for at least five feet on either side. Don’t offer up a shadowy place for intruders to hide!
  • Keep your door area well lit. Same principles as above. If an intruder can be seen, they may not want to do any intruding. The use of flood lighting, porch lights, and wall lighting can keep your home much, much safer.
  • Install additional locks. Many standardized locking mechanisms are fairly easily thwarted by a savvy thief. It’s a pretty wise move to install dead-bolts or similar locking mechanisms on your door. If you’re feeling super-fancy, check out smart door locks. These nifty devices only admit access to those with the proper identification; often a thumb print.
  • Beef up your glass. Fancy glass in doors is a must-have for many homeowners. And we don’t blame you! But you might consider installing custom impact-resistant glass or polycarbonates made to resemble glass for full safety.
  • Consider new doors. new door installation would also come highly recommended, depending on the kind of door we’re talking about. For home security, you want a door that is solid, cannot be bent, and can resist impacts. For the best results, seek a solid wood door, one with a wood core, or reinforced metal. And if your doors are getting on in years, definitely seek a new door installation! Many materials weaken with age, and you want to be sure you’re secure.

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