5 Ways Hail Damage Can Ruin Your Summer

Hail is annoying enough all i ts own, but its presence is also one of the reasons the experts at Shanco (and the experts pretty much anywhere) call summer one of the most dangerous times for your home. At Shanco, we always want your home to stay as safe as possible from storms and the damage they bring. Preparation is key, and when it comes to hail damage, you can’t really ever prepare too much!

Five Flavors of Hail Damage

They sure come in more than five, but these are the biggest and most common forms of hail damage we encounter in our area:

  • Damage to roofs. A leaking roof will definitely ruin your summer. Pretty much anything that rains down from the sky is going to meet your roof sooner or later. Hail can create a very serious risk of storm damage; particularly those that make use of shingle roofing. Your best bet here is to simply keep your roof in good condition. Keep an eye on it, and check after storms that may cause damage. If you note signs of disrepair or damage, have them repaired right away. You can also consider a roof replacement using impact-resistant materials; a solid investment for homes in our area.
  • Damage to windows and home glass fixtures. Broken windows? Summer is ruined. A direct hit from hail the size of a gumball is probably going to punch a hole in a window or skylight. There’s not much to be done about it, save covering your windows if large hail is in your weather prediction. You might also consider storm shutters for an extra layer of protection as well.
  • Damage to siding. Replacing your siding when you didn’t expect to always ruins summer.  Siding was built to take quite a beating, no matter which material you’re using. So for the most part, you needn’t worry too much. But if your siding is old, was poorly installed, or has taken one too many punches, it might take on some storm damage. Mostly keep an eye on it, and get any damages repaired immediately.
  • Damage to your lawn and garden. A gross, damaged yard? You might have to reseed it, which means no summer shenanigans outside. Summer’s ruined. A solid hailstorm can outright decimate your precious and well-tended garden. To avoid this, pack extra soil around plants to ensure they stay upright, and for more vulnerable plants, consider covering them for the duration of the storm. Anything from a bucket to a garbage pail can handle that job just fine; no need to buy something fancy or over-complex.
  • Damage to your vehicle. Buying a new car or shelling out big bucks for hail damage repair can really ruin your summer.  A car or truck will show any kind of damage, large or small. We really, really recommend sheltering your vehicle in a garage or building of some sort. If that’s not an option, at least cover the vehicle with a tarp. That should at least mitigate impacts and resist scuffing and scratches.

Hail can ruin summer, but Shanco can ease the pain. When you have hail damage to your roof, siding, gutters, windows, or skylights, call us! We’ll have it fixed before the next pool party.  Contact us today to get the hail damage repair you and your home deserve!



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