Spotlight: Bay Windows

If you want to give your home an upscale improvement, adding bay windows is a great option. This architectural window creates an ornamental addition, improving your home’s character both inside and out. Here’s what you need to know about bay windows before you choose them for your home:

What are Bay Windows?

Let’s start with the very basics. “Bay window” is a term used to describe window construction that protrudes beyond the main walls of a building. These windows may be found on one floor or extend to multiple stories of a home. They are usually angular in construction, consisting of a large fixed pane of glass (that can’t be opened) flanked by two smaller windows that can be opened.

The large center window is parallel to the existing wall and, in your home’s interior, may extend to the floor or include a deep sill to use as a bench or to display plants. Many times, the smaller flanking windows are operable casement or double-hung styles. Bay windows can also be curved (these are called bow windows).

Benefits of Bay Windows

Some reasons to invest in bay windows include:

  • Aesthetic appeal: The pleasing appearance of bay windows is the number one reason you may choose to add them your home. From the outside, the bay window gives the home a clean, modern look. On the inside, it provides increased square footage or additional functional space if a sill is present.
  • Added home value: Added square footage increases home value and improved aesthetics enhance curve appeal.
  • More natural light: Bay windows offer a panoramic view, allowing natural light to enter from a wider angle.
  • Good ventilation: Even if the bay window is the only window in the room, a nice cross breeze can enter the space when you open both operational flanking windows at once.
  • Versatility: Almost no matter what style your home is or what room you want to add character to, bay windows are a great option. They are ideal for providing a reading area in the living room, a focal point for banquette-style seating in the dining room, or an enhancement in the master bedroom.

Why Choose Shanco for Bay Windows?

Not only are we your local experts for bay window installation, but we also:

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