Best Windows for Indoor/Outdoor Living

Imagine for a moment, a house with no windows. Dark, cramped and more than a little bit stifling, isn’t it? Your windows play a role that is both aesthetic, and functional; providing your home with a way to interact with the outside, light and a sense of openness. 

As window experts, our specialists pride themselves on providing the absolute best in window installation for your home. And we like to think we know a thing or two about how to nurture that connection between your indoor and outdoor life! So which windows best suit the indoor/outdoor lifestyle? Keep reading to find out!

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What Is Indoor/Outdoor Living?

This is the term currently being used for essentially seamlessly incorporating indoor and outdoor access through the use of windows and other glass structures. Indoor/outdoor living promotes greater use of natural light, improves the appeal of your home, and helps to “open up” your space.

It’s a particularly effective style for smaller homes that could benefit from the additional feel of space, homes that bloom in natural light, and in homes where outdoor entertainment is common.

The Best Windows for Indoor/Outdoor Life

Naturally, not all windows are the best choice for promoting our goal. So which windows work best? There are actually a lot of options:

  • Folding Windows. A common choice, and one of the simplest to implement, folding windows function exactly as they sound. These windows essentially operate on a rail or series of hinges to fold in or out, allowing simple and safe access to the outdoors. They can be installed in a variety of sizes, ranging from a simple ‘slightly longer than average’ window, to ones that can nearly encompass an entire wall!
  • Casement windows. Casement windows are similar to folding windows, but available on a smaller scale overall. These are the windows that you may see in older homes, operating via crank or simple hinge to swing in or out. Shanco often suggests casements for homes due to the simplicity of installation, and versatility.
  • Garden windows. While a garden window doesn’t allow direct access to the outside, it does give a home a great feeling of openness, and it offers an aesthetically pleasing secondary function. Garden windows are often used to nurture indoor gardens,potted herbs or plants, or to keep a flower bed. These are an excellent indoor/outdoor alternative for homeowners that do not want a window that directly interacts with the outside.

Get Flawless Window Installation With Shanco in Maryland

These options are just a few of the excellent windows for indoor/outdoor life we can offer! Want to learn more about Shanco’s window options or suggestions? Contact our certified window experts today!



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