Spotlight: Bow Windows

There are loads of excellent, unique window options out there. But when you’re talking about something elegant, exciting, and functional, you’ve got to be talking about bow windows! Today the experts at Shanco are here to talk to you about what you stand to gain by choosing a bow window installation for your Gaithersburg home.

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What Is a Bow Window?

The definition for this window type can be a bit vague, mostly because there are a few variations. However, they are most often characterized by a similar shape and function to a bay window, protruding outward from the exterior walls of your home. A bow window is, however, decidedly curved in structure, where a bay window is quite angular.

To create this pronounced curve, four or more window panes are often used, and usually casement windows are used specifically, to add air flow and function. Normal panes or single-hung windows are also common, but the casements certainly add more visual appeal as well as home ventilation.

The Benefits of a Bow Window Installation

So, why choose a bow over a bay window, or other window type? Well, aesthetics are a consideration, of course. Many home styles lend themselves better structurally and thematically to a curved window rather than an angular one, and also there’s the simple fact that both bay and bow windows are gorgeous, luxurious, and highly recognized.

But that’s not all a bow window has to offer! You’ll also gain:

  • An excellent view. Bow windows are often chosen to enhance the view of particular outdoor attractions–maybe a garden or appealing hardscape feature. They also open up your rooms to considerably more natural light, which is often highly sought after in modern homes.
  • Greater control over home ventilation. By installing three, four, or more windows in a single space, you get considerably more control over how much air you get when opening your windows. You can choose to open a single window for a bit of fresh air, or completely flush a room with crisp spring air by opening them all.
  • Larger looking rooms. Both bow and bay windows are often chosen to add depth and space to smaller rooms, opening the space up and making them feel far less cramped. This is a great option for smaller homes, or homes that feature limited bonus/reading rooms.

Bow Window Installation in Gaithersburg, MD

Think a new bow window installation might be just the thing you’ve been looking for? Contact the certified window experts at Shanco to learn more, or to get your consultation for a top-class bow window installation for your Maryland home!



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