Choosing the Right Window Manufacturer

When it comes to choosing new windows for your home, picking the right style and type are of utmost importance. You need windows that will suit your needs, and provide the benefits you want most. But in order to achieve this, you need to consider more than just the type of windows you want. Choosing the right window manufacturer is equally important!

Choosing the Right Window Manufacturer for Your Washington Home

What does it matter where your windows come from, as long as they provide the benefits you’re looking for, right? Well, the manufacturer actually has everything to do with finding the windows that will suit your needs best. A strong, well recognized manufacturer succeeds for a reason. They provide industry-leading products, and build a reputation for excellence. So for you, it’s all about being able to identify who suits you best!

The Right Window Manufacturer Has:

  • Excellent reviews. In a world where social media has become king, reviews written by consumers are more important than ever. To find the right company, find the right reviews (not ads!).
  • A solid warranty. Avoid purchasing windows (or anything, for that matter) if there’s not a good warranty in place. A good warranty doesn’t tell you that a company is unsure of their product, it tells you that they’re so sure of it that they are willing to put it to warranty.
  • A strong selection. Avoid choosing manufacturers that pigeonhole you into very few options. A good manufacturer provides a number of styles, types and options.
  • A good history. Reviews aside, a strong manufacturer has a history of excellence. Look for awards, certifications and professional recommendations as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean the company needs to be old, as plenty of younger manufacturing companies are more than up to the task. It simply means they should be recognized in a positive light by the industry.

Who Does Shanco Recommend?

Personally, we choose to work with Sunrise Windows & Doors as often as possible. Though we can certainly handle and install windows from anyone, we’ve worked hand in hand with Sunrise for years. From ENERGY STAR awards, to excellent consumer reviews, we’re confident in recommending Sunrise. But don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself!

Expert Window Installation And Replacement With Shanco

No matter who you choose to supply your new windows, Shanco stands ready to assist in every way possible. We’ve provided top-tier service to Washington, DC and Virginia for years. It is our number one goal to always leave our patrons with all expectations exceeded! Contact Shanco today to learn more about our window installation, or any of our other window services!



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