Control Winter Moisture in Your Skylights

Your skylight provides your home with excellent natural lighting, and adds a feeling of openness and size that many homeowners prize. You may have considered the risk of leaks, or possibly skylight damage, but were you aware that skylights are at the most risk of moisture intrusion in the winter? Stick with the specialists at Shanco as we detail the biggest issue skylight owners face this winter season, and how to handle them.

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Winter Skylight Risk Factors: Moisture, and How to Handle It

The largest issue with skylights in the winter is that the air in your home is much, much warmer than that of outside air. In addition, the air in your home houses humidity, which means that warm, moist air rises to meet your cold skylight, creating condensation. This condensation accumulates, until eventually you have a bit of a drip. So how do you solve this? Your best bet is to reduce and control humidity levels in your home.

How Do I Control Humidity?

Excess humidity can be caused by showering, cooking, cleaning and even just breathing. If you have condensation issues, it’s a surefire sign that you’re dealing with excess humidity in your home. Help handle the issue by:

  • Keeping adequate airflow. Keep doors between rooms open, open attic vents, anything that can encourage healthy airflow will assist in controlling accumulated moisture.
  • Employ the use of a dehumidifier. Your heating system should be handling this for the most part (and if it isn’t, get it checked!), but if you’re still dealing with humidity an additional dehumidifying appliance can bring your home relief.
  • Move your air. Consider a ceiling fan installation that ensures healthy airflow around your skylight. This reduces moisture, and helps to mitigate and distribute humidity throughout the room, rather than allowing it to ‘pool’ in your skylight well.
  • Consider a new skylight installation. If you own older skylights, or skylights that are damaged, a new skylight might be in order. This is particularly helpful because many modern skylights have anti-condensation measures built into them.

Other Winter-Weather Skylight Risks

Condensation isn’t your only potential threat in the winter months. Keep an eye out for these issues that may cause a leaking skylight as well:

  • Damaged flashing. The flashing on your skylight is responsible for keeping moisture such as rain and snow from penetrating your roof and causing a leak. If you have a leak unrelated to condensation, this may be your culprit!
  • Ice dams. Ice dams form when snow melts and refreezes, potentially resulting in damage and a leaking skylight. These become much larger issues when there are air leaks present. If you’re having trouble with ice dams, consult a professional right away!

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