Drafty Windows? This Could Be the Problem

Noticing a bit of a draft coming from your windows lately? A drafty window can be annoying for sure, but even worse, it’ll hike up your heating bill in a hurry! So how do you go about fixing the offending air leak? The experts at Shanco are here today to give you a bit of insight into the how and why of window leaks!

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Common Causes Of Drafty Windows

A few problems could be the source of your chilly draft woes, including:

  • Damage to your panes. This one is likely to be fairly obvious, visual cues and all, but it bears mentioning. Many homeowners think a crack is no big deal. That is, until they notice a spike in heating costs. This little bugger could be the culprit, so get cracked or damaged panes replaced or repaired right away.
  • Damaged, distressed or absent seal. Your window uses a set of seals to keep them airtight and draft-proof. Over time, or due to stress or incident, this seal can rot, or become damaged. Any damage at all to the seal can cause a drafty window in a hurry!
  • Metal frames. Metal window frames are fairly common in modern homes, and while they look and serve perfectly fine in most cases, our frigid Maryland winters expose the weakness found with a metal frame. Thermal exchange is really high with metal, making your metal frames essentially bleed cold air into your home (And the warmer air of your interior bleeds out, as well!)
  • Warping of the frame. Wood and vinyl frames are very effective at their jobs, but sometimes one thing or another will get the better of them and will warp the frame. This creates an imperfect seal, and can result in some nasty drafts.
  • Old windows. There comes a time in every window’s life where they simply cannot keep up with the demands of your home any longer. They may show this by signs of warping, looseness, or even being unable to stay closed. For these windows, weatherproofing really isn’t an effective option, and a full replacement should be considered.

Window Repair and Replacement in Maryland With Shanco

No matter the cause of that frustrating draft you may be experiencing, our certified experts can supply the solution you need. We’ve proudly served Maryland for years, and we strive to provide only the absolute best in service, skill and products for your home or business. Contact the professionals at Shanco today to learn more about how to remedy your drafty window issues, and for more tips, tricks and advice, keep an eye on our blog!



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