Emergency Broken Window Hacks

Disasters and accidents never really come at a convenient time. In fact, it often seems like they wait until the worst possible time! So what’s the best remedy for dealing with problems as they arise? Preparedness, of course.

Whether by rogue baseball, or unfortunate storm damage, a broken window can leave your home exposed. So how do you handle your broken window until the specialists at Shanco can bring you a window replacement?

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Quick Fixes for a Broken Window

Before we go anywhere with this list, let’s get something out of the way. Broken glass is dangerous. Even if you’re dealing with a minor form of damage, glass can cut you in ways you never expected. If you’re working with a busted window:

  • Use heavy duty work gloves
  • Cover your arms with a thick coat or workman shirt
  • Wear thick-soled shoes.

If you’re worried about harming yourself, simply call on the experts and be done with it. Your safety is always number one!

First off, what you do depends on what kind of break we’re dealing with. You wouldn’t necessarily want to board up a simple crack, and conversely a strip of contractor tape is too little to handle a complete shattering. So let’s cover the specifics:

  • For hairline cracks. A liberal coating of glue or nail polish actually works great here. It provides some structural integrity to your window, preventing the crack from growing or building into a more complex/dangerous one. .
  • For simple cracks. Gently feel around the crack. Does the window feel otherwise sturdy? If so, a strip of strong tape like duct tape or packing tape can patch you up until the cavalry arrives.
  • For complex cracks or breaks. If the glass is webbed, or the window feels unsturdy, use thumb pins or staples to fix a square of plastic over the damaged area. This helps prevent water damage when its raining, and will keep pests out until you can get a window replacement.
  • For completely broken windows. When the entire pane has been blown in or out, it’s a good idea to go with a temporary board-up using plywood or similar materials. A fully exposed window can create risks of burglary or animal intrusion, and if your replacement won’t be taking place in the same day the break occurred, you need to ensure you’re secure.

Window Replacement in Maryland, DC, and Virginia

If life decided to give you lemons in the form of a broken or damaged window, the certified experts at Shanco can help! Our window replacements are top-notch, and we always provide the absolute best service possible to our patrons. Contact us today to learn more, or to get your replacement!



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