What Are Fixed-Pane Windows?

If you’re in the market for new windows, you know there are many decisions to make and even more options! If you’ve been doing research online, you may have come across the term “fixed pane.” What are fixed-pane windows?

A fixed-pane, or fixed, window is not operable. This means it does not open or close. Fixed-pane windows are also known as picture windows, which have a large, fixed pane of glass and typically no glazing bars. They provide unrestricted views.

Different styles of windows can be fixed-pane—notably geometric and bay windows (which often consist of a picture window in between the flankers).

What Are the Benefits of Fixed-Pane Windows?

There are a number of advantages fixed-pane windows offer. These windows:

  • Are energy-efficient: Because fixed windows don’t open or close, significantly less air leaks in. Installing energy-efficient windows can help you save on your utility bills and enjoy a more comfortable home all year long.
  • Are low-maintenance: There are no handles or hardware to deal with—and fewer moving parts means there’s a lower chance of something breaking and requiring repair!
  • Provide expansive views: Fixed windows provide large, unobstructed views. If you have landscaping in your yard you want to highlight, this window style is a good choice.
  • Can brighten your home: If you have dim rooms in your home, these windows—with their wide views—can easily add natural light to brighten the space.

Fixed-pane windows can complement any home, regardless of its shape, size, or style!

Fixed Window Installation in MD, DC & VA

If you’re interested in installing a new fixed-pane window in your home, look to the experts at Shanco. Our window team has been serving Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia homeowners for more than 25 years and looks forward to helping you with your project.

Contact us to learn more about the different types of windows we offer or if you’re ready to discuss your window replacement project!



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