Is Your House Cold? It May Be Because of Your Windows

Pictured: A Simonton Prairie Grid Picture Window

Hear that? If you don’t hear it, you most certainly feel it. Winter is knocking on our doors! And with the coming of the season, homeowners are doing their best to shore up defenses and increase home comfort. But sometimes despite your best efforts, some cold seems to keep bleeding in. If you’re dealing with a drafty, cold home this year, you might have forgotten a surprisingly important factor: your windows.

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What Does a Window Have To Do With Your Cold Home?

Windows are an often ignored part of home winter preparation. It’s understandable, since they just don’t stand out as a big issue, but in actuality your windows can contribute to as much as a third of your home’s heat loss. That’s absolutely massive!

So how do you stop the heat loss and stay cozy? Well, it depends. In some cases, it may be time to replace your windows, which we’ll discuss in a moment. But if your windows are in good shape and are of a high quality, you might just need to give them a little attention.

Ways to Winterize Your Windows in Silver Spring, MD

Need to bolster the defenses of your Maryland home windows? It’s actually easy to do! Most hardware stores carry plenty of excellent options for accomplishing this. Look into picking up a window kit for your windows, which is a fast and easy all-in-one window sealing kit that is guaranteed to reduce heat loss.

If you’re looking for something equally simple, you can also consider grabbing adhesive-backed foam strips to install along the base of your sashes, or even a roll of rope caulk to seal up drafty spots in the frame of your window.

Is it Time for a Window Replacement in Silver Spring?

If your windows are getting on in the years, or just need to be upgraded, now is the perfect time! Winter and summer are the times where an IGU (insulated glass unit, or double-pane window) can do you the most good, helping you stay comfortable and assisting in lowering heating costs for years to come.

Not sure if it’s time for a replacement? Keep an eye out for these common signs:

  • A cracked or damaged frame
  • Foggy or milky glass
  • Heavy drafts coming from near the window
  • The glass is frigid to the touch in winter
  • Hairline cracks in the window pane

Window Replacement Services with Shanco

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