Enhance Your Home’s Architecture by Installing Geometric Windows

Installing geometric windows is a great way to add unique charm to your home. Each shape can add distinguished architectural character and complement the structure of your home.

Certain types of houses are characterized by specific geometric styles and shapes. Circles, ovals, eyebrows, and circle tops can be used to add authenticity to older or period style windows, and you can find great gothic windows to top old stonework and add to the character of your home. Below are five great examples from around the country of geometric windows.

1.       Utah Floor-to Ceiling Geometric


When you install a floor-to-ceiling showcase featuring different sizes and shapes of rectangles and square windows, the result is an art statement in itself. The mod feeling of this home is further carried on in the stonework surrounding the front door, and the picturesque Frank Lloyd Write Series Art Glass in Prairie Rhythm patter makes a bold statement as guests enter.

2.       Atlanta Light-Filled Bedroom


The geometric floor-to-ceiling windows give an impressive open feeling, and adds a grandness that really complements the vaulted ceilings in the room. By installing geometric windows, the architect was able to incorporate the shape of the roof, adding an airy, comfortable feeling. The amount of light let in is unparalleled, and the homeowners get a fantastic view while they lounge in bed.

3.       Tudor/Gothic Splendor


Tudor homes are characterized by their English folk/ late medieval inspiration. They are usually a balance between a variety of stone or brick, and timber, with dark wood window frames. Gothic homes can be described as having a church-like appearance, characterized by their arches and pointed windows. This mix of Tudor and Gothic styles really brings a unique character to this home, which features specialty curved windows in an eye-catching gothic shape to match the gothic-shaped door. Installing geometric windows that replicate the period or style of your home’s architecture is a little detail that goes a long way.

4.       Spanish Colonial Revival


This Spanish Colonial home is really set off by the specialty round-topped geometric windows and small rectangular windows designed to reflect the style of the period. Characterized by natural materials like rocks and stucco, and small windows with wooden or wrought iron bars across them, Spanish Colonial homes are modeled after the earliest homes built by Spanish and Mexican settlers in the American South, Southwest, and California.

5.       Delaware Beach House


This Delaware beach house uses geometric windows to fit the vaulted space in order to let in the most amount of light and give the best view of the ocean below. The peaked triangle window lets the most amount of light in and draws eyes up to the wooden beams in the roof.


What Geometric Window Should You Install?


Shanco Windows offers a wide variety and brands of geometric windows. All windows in this post are made by Andersen Windows, for whom Shanco is proud to be a licensed dealer. You can find a specialty geometric window in virtually any shape and size, and many can be custom-made to match your décor and architectural style. Contact the professionals at Shanco today and get started on your dream home!



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