Spotlight: Picture Windows

Once upon a time, a picture window was where you hung your most formal drapes.  Today, it’s not unheard of for these dramatic windows to stay unadorned, and provide a constant beautiful landscape for you and your guests to enjoy. They aren’t just for stunning views, however. Picture windows are also energy-efficient because they don’t open. If you’re thinking about window installation or replacement, consider a picture window for ambiance as well as comfort.

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Energy-Saving Comfort

The Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas can experience all four seasons in all their glory.  Hot, sultry summer days tax your air conditioning while the frigid lows create a challenge to maintain a comfortable home.  Rain, wind, and all types of inclement weather pose a threat to your insulation.  With new picture window installation, you can seal your home and help ensure your utility bills won’t break the bank.

The industry defines a picture window as a large, fixed window consisting of one pane of glass—though that is a pretty narrow description of today’s stylish and highly insulating picture windows.  There are many more styles of picture windows than ever before.  No longer are you confined to the decades-old idea of the mid-century, energy-wasting expanse of glass.

Your picture window serves to provide an unimpeded, framed view—thus the term “picture”—but it can be just as efficient as any of the utility cost-reducing windows on the market. It’s fixed, so it doesn’t have gaps necessary for ventilation windows.  It is truly an affordable indulgence in home decor.

Picture Window Style

Whether your home is older and you’d like to makeover the style and efficiency, or you’re thinking of a whole new window design—you do have choices.  The most popular style of picture window is wood.  Wood windows have been around for centuries and are extremely versatile.  They add curb appeal, can be highly efficient, and are extremely durable.

Of course, professional window installation will provide appeal, no matter the material used, and vinyl windows are gaining in popularity, particularly for their low-maintenance and high energy savings.  Choosing vinyl or wood is ultimately up to you.  Consider your lifestyle as well as your sense of style.

Install Picture Windows Anywhere

No matter if you’re looking to replace an older, less-efficient window, or need new window installation, a picture window offers a lovely option for Washington, DC metro area homeowners.  From hard-to-reach atrium areas, to mid-century style living rooms, to simply an opportunity to show off your most breathtaking views, you cannot go wrong with an energy saving, highly efficient, and beautiful picture window.

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The windows in your home are much more than a source of natural light or an easy way to capture a breeze.  Today’s home windows have evolved to provide protection and security, energy efficiency, and even guard against certain harmful UV rays.  For picture window installation in the Washington, DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia areas, contact Shanco today!



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