Pros and Cons of Installing Storm Windows in Gaithersburg

Beating back the worst of a Gaithersburg winter can sometimes be a challenge—especially if your windows aren’t up to the task! To restore your comfort and drop those miserable heating costs, you might be considering window replacement this year. But before you do, the experts at Shanco would urge you to consider a storm window installation in Gaithersburg.

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What’s a Storm Window?

These are basically the same thing as, and perform a similar function to, a storm door. A storm window is an auxiliary window installed on the exterior (or occasionally interior) of your existing windows. The storm windows provide an added layer of both insulation and defense against storms and the bitter winter weather we experience here in Maryland.

Is a Storm Window Installation the Right Choice for Me?

Well, it depends. Storm windows offer up a bunch of advantages, but they won’t fix every problem. The real answer is going to rely on a few important factors that are specific to your and your home. To help you get a better idea, let’s take a moment to look at the pros of storm windows, and the cons.

The Benefits of Installing Storm Windows

  • Highly cost-effective. A storm window installation is much, much less costly than a total window replacement, making it a great option for homeowners on a bit of a budget, or looking to save up for a bigger replacement job in the future.
  • A fast and easy solution. Window professionals can install storm windows in no time, making them a good “I need it now” option to reduce the chill of winter or to baffle the buffeting winds of a storm.
  • Additional protection of existing windows. If you’re quite fond of your current windows and want to put off replacing/protect them against the elements, storm windows are ideal.
  • Versatile. There are a lot of  options for installing storm windows in Gaithersburg, from track storm windows to magnetic. This means you’ve got a lot of options on what to choose, and how you want your storm windows to operate.

The Downsides of Installing Storm Windows 

It’s hard to really call storm windows particularly bad, as overall they’re pretty much always going to be a bonus. However, there are some situations where they can get in the way of what really needs to get done.

  • Not a substitute for replacement. Storm windows are a great augment to your home’s defenses, but they are no substitute at all for a needed window replacement. If your windows are, say, two decades old, new energy-efficient windows are going to be many, many times more effective at reducing chill and improving efficiency.
  • Some types can block natural lighting. Some storm windows can impede sunlight, which can leave rooms a bit dimmer than you might like.
  • Requires some maintenance. Just like anything else, a storm window needs to be maintained. Nothing special or surprising here, but it bears mentioning.

Storm Window Installation in Gaithersburg

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