To Install or Not Install?

There’s something about melting snow, longer days, and warmer temperatures that makes you want to shine up your home. Although spring cleaning typically involves overhauling closets, raking the yard, and organizing your pantry, it also includes taking a look at the bones of your home. Spring is the perfect time of year to replace your home’s windows.


As ice and snow begin melting and the sun bares its hot face, take a closer look at your windows. Is moisture leaking in? Do you see cracks or buckles in the window’s casing? Springtime is prime time to notice moisture damage, as winter’s rain, ice, and snow fade by the minute. Perhaps you noticed those frigid breezes of the past months penetrating through your windows. Old, inefficient windows will end up costing you more money by upping your heating and cooling costs. With cold weather waning, but still fresh in your mind, it could be time to take action by installing new windows.


Consider the noise level around your home. Did it sound like a freight train barreling through your living room when the plow went by this winter? Can you hear those spring peepers penetrating as though they are lying in bed with you? It could be those old, single pane windows allowing too much noise. Upgrading to new windows will offer better soundproofing all around.

Ease of Use

Old windows tend to be hard to open, hard to close, and a general pain to deal with. Maybe you even have to switch out those storm windows for screens each and every spring. Safety might also be a concern if your old windows do not properly lock anymore. You might be surprised at the ease and functionality of new windows that glide open and shut with ease and lock to keep your family safe.


If your furniture, drapes, or carpets are fading, it could be the result of too much ultraviolet light coming through your old windows. New models are equipped with sun protection to ensure less fading by natural light.


The overall efficiency of your home’s windows is important. You need windows that keep heat in during cold months and keep the heat out during warmer seasons. Upgrading to new windows can provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your energy costs are as low as possible. Although winter has passed for another year, spring and summer storms loom ahead.

As you tackle your to-do list this spring, take a closer look at those windows. Recall for a moment the howling winds of winter that whistled through the cracks. Swapping the old for the new could be just what your home is craving.



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