Windows Spotlight: Tilt-and-Turn Windows

With the frequently-changing weather here in the Mid-Atlantic region, you may sometimes find yourself wishing for windows that allow for maximum air flow in the pleasant spring and fall seasons and windows that seal tightly during the extreme humidity of summer and cold winters. This may sound impossible, but tilt and turn windows offer both of these options, while being stylish and easy to maintain as well.

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What Are Tilt and Turn Windows?

Used for years in Europe and Asia, tilt and turn windows are just starting to become popular in North America. This type of window installation has multiple hinges per window, allowing them to tilt out from the bottom to increase air circulation as well as swing open from the side like a casement window.

For those days when the outside temperature is too hot or too cold, these windows seal tightly, keeping the conditioned air indoors where it belongs.

Benefits of Tilt and Turn Window Installation

  • Versatility. Because they are able to open in a variety of ways, tilt and turn windows are suited for most any location, from upstairs windows to corner windows to sun room windows.
  • Energy efficiency. The added insulation value and tight seal of this type of window installation can help you save on your heating and cooling bills as well as help to reduce your household’s carbon footprint.
  • Stylish. Tilt and turn windows are sleek and stylish and adapt to most any architectural design, from traditional to modern. They are also available in a variety of colors and finishes.
  • Security and safety. Unlike traditional windows, tilt and turn windows lock around the entire perimeter of the window, when closed, making it difficult for would-be burglars to enter your property. The multiple positions of these windows also make them easy to exit in the event of a building fire.
  • Low maintenance. Because they tilt, these windows are easy to keep clean without ladders and/or hanging outside the window.
  • Durable. Today’s tilt and turn windows are made with two panes of glass, filled with a colorless, odorless gas, and can handle most anything that Mother Nature can throw at them.

Installing New Windows with Shanco

If you’d like to learn more about adding energy-efficient and time-saving tilt and turn windows to your home or business, Shanco can help you choose the product that will work best with your taste, budget and architectural style. We’ve been helping Maryland, Virginia and DC area homeowners with beautify the exterior of their properties for more than 20 years. To schedule a free consultation, contact us online or give us a call at 301-208-0848!




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