Update Your Windows for Privacy

Space is scarce in the DC metro area, and it sometimes seems like you and your neighbors are on top of each other. So how to you balance your want of natural light from windows with your desire for privacy? To this end, today our experts are here to tell you that you can have all of the aforementioned benefits in your new window installation without sacrificing a primary function of your windows.

When choosing to update the windows in your Maryland home, you’re likely to come across a ton of factors for consideration. Between aesthetics, energy-efficiency and budgeting, you’ve got a lot of information to sort through! At Shanco, we make it our mission to make home improvements as pain-free and perfect as possible. In order to accomplish this, we feel that easy to access and digest information for our patrons is the best way to go.


Privacy Windows: How to Feel Secure in Your Gaithersburg Home

Privacy is something many homeowners seek, but have a hard time balancing and obtaining along with all of the other benefits they want from a perfect window replacement. So, how do you maintain privacy while maintaining all of the other benefits? Well, there are a few ways of going about things…

Proper Placement

For areas of your home that can benefit from natural light, but not from prying eyes, consider the location of your replacement windows. Maintaining your light gain and personal visibility, while keeping your privacy can be achieved through:

  • Installing windows at higher than standard heights.
  • Situating windows near high foliage, trees or along fence-height
  • Using multiple geometric windows of a smaller size, allowing light but obstructing outer visibility

Additional Treatments and Supplementary Privacy

Not a fan of blocking out your own view with hardscape and other factors? Not a problem! The window industry has put tons of time and effort into additional privacy additions. Some of our personal favorites include:

  • Aftermarket stick-on tinting. Once, we wouldn’t have recommended this option at all. Nowadays, however, adhesive and interchangeable layers or tints are available in very high quality and varied tints. Additionally, many of these products boast proven benefits to energy-efficiency and safety!
  • Frosted or treated glass window panes. Whether frosted, patterned or marbled is your style, these types of panes can offer a unique visual appeal that both improves privacy and provides natural lighting.
  • Traditional window treatments. Blinds, drapes, curtains, shades, the options never end! Traditional treatments offer adjustable privacy and added beauty, and are nearly always an excellent idea for your home windows.

Update Your Windows with Shanco

No matter what kind of window style, type or material you choose, the experts at Shanco can provide you with the absolute best in the industry! We boast some of the best skill and service in Maryland, and our specialists can guarantee your complete satisfaction. Contact Shanco today to learn more about updating your windows, and how we can help!



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