When Ice on Your Windows Is a Problem

Ignoring problems inside and outside of your home is easy. That is, until something happens that makes you pay attention!

Seriously cold temperatures like the ones that typically occur in Maryland winters give homeowners all sorts of signs when something is wrong and yet so many people choose to ignore those signs… until its too late!

Two of the most common problems during these cold months are ice building up on the inside of home windows or ice forming on their walls. Think it doesn’t happen? Think again! Every single time around this wintry season many businesses that have windows and do installations get emergency calls about this problem. Below you will see an array of examples as to why you might be seeing ice on windows, as well as condensation – that can ultimately turn into ice on windows.

Low Thermal Performance

A lot of the time, single pane windows, and even some double-pane windows can let a lot of heat out. It has a lot to do with the thermal performance of the window. If you want to keep condensation off of the inside of the window, as well as any ice that will form on the inside, make sure that your thermal performance of the window is R-5 or better. You can find out more about performance levels here.


Moisture can be caused by all sorts of things inside your house; from many human beings, to animals, to cooking things and more. When you begin to add more and more moisture to the house it becomes more and more prevalent that the moisture will condense onto the cold surfaces of your home – such as the windows. If the windows get cold enough, the moisture will actually freeze onto the window and in turn they will turn to ice on windows. Make sure that you try to keep your humidity levels inside the house below 30% to reduce condensation on your windows. Even lower if you want to stop it altogether. Consider buying a heat ventilator which will remove the humidity indoors.

Air Leakage Audits

If you have a lot of air leakage in your home from uninsulated windows, doors, cracks in windows and under doors, etc you probably have a lot of air leaking from inside to outside and from outside to inside. Windows and doors are meant to be barriers against the outside. If these windows and doors are not working right they can leak in cold air and it can cause condensation and essentially cause ice on windows. To stop this problem from happening there are a few things to consider

  • Repairing your windows
  • Replacing your windows
  • Caulking the windows
  • Adding a door strip to the bottom of the doors in the house
  • Adding weather stripping to windows

All of these things will help keep the cold outside and the warm inside or visa versa.

It should also be mentioned that these issues above are not ALL about comfortability or lack thereof.  Its also about something else; high heating bills. If you have been noticing your bills getting higher and higher, chances are it might be because all the heat that is getting pushed out by your HVAC system is literally flying out your windows and doors. This can get quite expensive if not taken care of!

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