When Should I Replace Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows by Sunrise Windows

As one of the most resilient, cost-effective, and efficient materials out there, vinyl makes for an excellent window option. But while their popularity is well-deserved, nothing was built to last forever. Do you know how to recognize the signs that you need a replacement for your vinyl windows?

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When Should I Replace Vinyl Windows?

A timely window replacement in Gaithersburg ensures you get all of the benefits you want out of vinyl. As they age, or start to take on damage, you’ll start noticing cold spots around the window, drops in efficiency, and the windows themselves will start to look saggy and drab.

To ensure you get a replacement at the right time, keep an eye out for:

  • Severe window damage. Vinyl is a nice and durable material, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally impervious. If the frame starts to show cracks, or begins chipping, then new windows in Gaithersburg might be your only option. Left alone, the cracks will only deepen with time, eventually leading to larger problems.
  • Double-pane seal damage. If your windows are double-paned, you may start to notice condensation or a milky film developing. When this happens it means the seal or window is damaged, which can sometimes be repaired, but often requires a replacement to fix completely
  • Frame warping. If the vinyl frames of your window are starting to bow, warp, or visibly shift, it’s time to replace. There’s no real good way to repair these issues, meaning a replacement is the only way to really restore the window.
  • Difficult-to-open windows. Do your windows stick or jam frequently? The problem could be related to small-scale warping like mentioned above, or it could be that the sash mechanism is failing, which also requires replacing. But before you call on a pro, try giving the window a thorough cleaning. It is possible that your only issue is some clotted dust or dirt.
  • Drafts around windows. Vinyl windows are often chosen because they offer really excellent energy-efficiency benefits, helping to keep outdoor air out, and home conditioned air in. If you’re noticing drafts around the window, it’s probably a safe bet that you need a replacement.

Talk to a Professional About Your New Windows in Gaithersburg

These signs are all pretty good indicators of an issue, but at Shanco our experts would stress that you should absolutely consult a pro before making any big moves. We have the tech and experience to let you know for certain, and it wouldn’t do to make a big investment like replacing an entire vinyl window if you didn’t need to!

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