Is it Time for Window Replacement?

How long have you had your windows? It may be time to replace them! Some signs, like broken glass or a busted window sash, are far from subtle, but other times it may not be so obvious when to replace your windows. If you want to learn more about when to replace windows, you’ve come to the right place!

So, when is it time for window replacement? Should you repair or replace? There are a lot of questions that may arise, and this is where professional window contractors come in handy! They’ll be able to tell you when to replace windows and when a simpler repair will be enough. In general, however, there are a few signs you most likely need window replacement.

When to Replace Windows

You probably need to replace your windows if:

The windows don’t open and close easily – faulty operation is usually a sign of trouble. It could be a problem with the springs, but it could also be a sign that your windows are old and need to be replaced. As windows age, their performance slowly but surely decreases, and there comes a point where it makes more sense to get window replacement rather than trying to squeeze another couple years out of your old windows that just don’t work right anymore.

There is broken glass – this is one of the more obvious signs that tell you it’s time for window replacement. A broken window pane can be a result of incorrect installation or simply due to the house shifting and settling. Sometimes a repair may suffice, but it may be more energy-efficient or convenient to get new windows, depending on factors like the age of your windows, how big the crack is, etc.

The window caulk is corroding – corrosion of your window caulking isn’t a good sign. It can lead to excess condensation, mold, mildew, rotting and other problems. You can try cleaning it yourself, but you could end up doing more damage so it’s best to let the pros handle it.

There is a buildup of condensation – if your windows have a thin layer of condensation or a wet frosty glaze, this means they aren’t airtight and energy-efficient. If your energy bills have been increasing, your windows are most likely the cause! Excess condensation could also indicate poor ventilation, an inadequate amount of insulation or a problem with the window seal.

You feel uncomfortable standing next to the windows – if there are warm or cold spots when you stand near your windows, or if your windows are hot or cold (depending on the season) to the touch, this could mean a couple different things. Your windows aren’t insulated enough or aren’t airtight and are letting air leak in and out, which really compromises the energy efficiency of your home.

These aren’t all the signs that help you determine when to replace windows, but this list includes most of the common issues experienced by homeowners!

If you need window contractors in Maryland, Shanco Companies can help. For over 20 years, we’ve helped homeowners throughout the Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area with their window needs. Contact our experts today!



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