Why Is My Window Cracked?

If you are a homeowner with cracked window glass, it is vital that you have your window repaired or replaced at soon as possible in order to avoid injuries or further damage to your home. <ahref=”http: www.shancowindows.com=”” window-replacement/”=”” target=”_blank”>Window replacement or window repair is an ineffective solution, however, if you don’t know what caused your window to crack in the first place. </ahref=”http:>

In order to avoid mysterious window cracks in the future, you should familiarize yourself with the various types of window cracks, their appearance, and what you can do to prevent them.

Removing broken window glass can be dangerous. Contact the window experts at Shanco for a window replacement!

Types of Window Cracks Common in Montgomery County, Maryland

The most common types of window cracks that happen to our clients in Montgomery County, Maryland are:

  • Impact Cracks: Characteristics of impact damage include cracks that radiate from a central point into a starburst type of pattern. Impact cracks are a result of a foreign object coming in contact with the window pane. If you believe your window damage is caused from impact, evaluate any hazards that could raise the risk of this occurring again. Direct children to play ball away from the windows of your home, trim nearby tree branches, and when necessary, install window guards.
  • Thermal Stress Cracks: Stress cracks typically only occur in annealed or heat strengthened glass. Thermal stress cracks begin at the edge of the glass and work their way throughout the pane in an unorganized manner. In many cases, these types of cracks are a result of a design flaw in the window pane. They can also be caused by sudden or extreme temperature fluctuations or changes in shading near the window.
  • Edge Damage: Cracks that are a result of edge damage typically have an almost identical breakage pattern to thermal stress cracks. In order to distinguish cracks that are caused by edge damage from thermal stress cracks, carefully examine the edges of the window pane for oyster-like chips. The chips can sometimes be difficult to find, and are often located beneath the primary seal.
  • Pressure Cracks: Insulated glass units, (double and triple pane windows) can sometimes develop pressure cracks due to being installed at very high or low elevations. Drastic pressure changes in the weather can also result in pressure cracks. These types of cracks usually appear in the shape of an hourglass.


Window Replacement or Repair in Montgomery County

The type of crack and extent of damage can help determine whether window repair is an option, or if window replacement is necessary. In most situations, opting for window replacement in lieu of repair proves more beneficial to homeowners, improving both the functionality and appearance of your windows.

Whether you’re interested in window replacement for security reasons, want to add a beautiful bay window to the front of your home or need to replace your cracked windows with new, energy efficient ones to reduce drafts and moisture problems, Shanco can help.

We have the expertise and experience—and high-quality window products—to make sure you get the most out of your window replacement and you’re 100% satisfied. Contact us today to replace your cracked window!



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