Why Your Window Is Leaking and What to Do About It

It’s exceptionally likely that at some time in a window’s lifespan, it will begin to leak. This could be due to sheer age, improper installation or damage from an accident or weather. Regardless of the reason, none of us want our windows leaking. The first order of business is to find out why your window is leaking. From there you can assess your options, deciding whether you need professional assistance or if a gob of caulk will do the trick.

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Why Is Window Leakage So Bad?

There are bigger issues aside from a giant puddle forming in your living room. Window leaking can cause water damage, to both walls and your floor. Excessive water present in your home creates a hotbed for mold and rot. We mention this mostly to stress the point that no matter what the issue is, it is critical to be sure the problem is treated correctly. If you’re not familiar with window repair, contact a professional. Even if it looks like you’ve solved the problem, that water could just be diverting into your wall unnoticed.

Common Causes for Window Leaking

  • Damaged or worn seal. The seal around the glass of your window can degrade over time, causing holes to form that water can get through. Sometimes in smaller cases this can be fixed with a bit of caulk, but the damage might be evidence of a growing problem, making professional help a pretty strong option.
  • Flashing. The flashing is a material around your window that is installed to prevent water from getting into the cracks made by two window materials meeting. If the flashing was installed incorrectly, or has become damaged, it can be a sure cause of leakage. Damaged flashing is big trouble, and is pretty hard to spot. If your flashing is bad, it usually requires the window be fully dismounted to rectify the problem.
  • Clogged “weep holes”. A weep hole is a feature of your window that allows water to escape the inside. They’re pretty easy to spot, as most are small, rectangular spaces on the outside of the window. These just allow water that gets into the window frame a place to drain out. They can easily become clogged by bug nests and debris, and are generally easy to clear out.
  • Improper installation. Occasionally, you may get an instance of poor design or faulty window parts creating a lean, cant or bend where there shouldn’t be. This is fairly rare, and any contractor should be able to spot and rectify it, though not without a replacement in all likelihood.

Shanco Window Services

Shanco has been taking care of all of your window needs in the Maryland area for over twenty years. Our experts are equipped and ready to tackle any and all projects you may have planned, bringing years of experience and top-class technology against any task. If you suspect window leaking is your problem, contact our professionals today!



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