Common Window Problems

Broken windows can be frustrating to say the least – they can lead to a whole range of problems, from air leaks to drafts in your home to higher monthly energy bills. But knowing what signs to look for and what to do when faced with these common window problems can help you solve the issue more quickly and efficiently.

There are a number of window problems that homeowners most often experience – we’ve compiled a short list for your convenience. If you don’t see your window problem here, just give us a call and we can help you decide what the best course of action is!

Home Window Problems

Broken Glass

Windows with broken glass need to be replaced right away, as this can compromise the safety and security of your home. Broken glass also affects the energy efficiency of your home and can cause your monthly bills to skyrocket!

Inability to Open

If your window won’t open, this could indicate a few different things:

  • Broken hardware
  • Seal filled with old, dried paint
  • Warped frame and sash

In some cases, fixing these window problems is a quick do-it-yourself job. For instance, it may be as simple as cleaning and lubricating the hardware for casement windows that won’t open. Many times, however, there are no quick fixes and it’s best left to the pros.

Inability to Stay Open

This problem can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying to let in a nice breeze instead of running your AC. Windows that constantly drop closed may have problems with the sash weight or pivot bar. These types of window problems don’t have a simple fix.

Excess Condensation

If your windows have a lot of condensation, they may need to be replaced. There is most likely a problem with the seal, and older, drafty windows allow a lot of air and water to leak into your home, greatly compromising its energy efficiency. When double- and triple-glazed windows lose their seals, the glass can accumulate condensation and fog up.

Sash Deterioration

Sash deterioration can be caused by anything from rotting to joint failure to mechanical damage. Often, a simple repair won’t cut it (and if it does, something is likely to break again soon!). Fortunately, modern windows feature high-quality parts and are much more durable.

Fortunately, window replacement can solve these problems – they aren’t anything to worry about with the right window contractors to help you!

Don’t see your problem listed? Don’t hesitate to contact us! The Washington, DC Metropolitan area’s window experts at Shanco Companies can provide you with the window replacement you need!



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