Window Glass and Glazing

Windows come in several different types of glass and glazing, and the best for your home will depend on where you live, the size of the window, the shading of the area, and the direction your window faces. Different types of glass and glazing also have different energy efficiencies, which can help keep your energy bills low. By combining types of glass, glazing, and frames, you can create the perfect window for your home.

Once you pick out the right window glass and glaze, contact Shanco for new window installation or window replacement!

Single Pane Windows

When you decide on new window installation, one of the decisions you need to make is between single or multiple-pane glass. Single pane windows are made of only one layer of glass and are frequently accompanied by storm windows or screens. They are the least expensive type of windows but break more easily than multiple pane windows and also allow more noise through. Older homes usually feature single pane windows, while newer homes usually have multiple pane windows.

Single pane windows allow the most heat and light transfer but won’t do much to lower your energy bills. You can find single pane windows with both clear glass and tinted glass.

Multiple Pane Windows (Double Pane and Triple Pane)

Multiple pane windows—also known as insulated windows—feature multiple panes of glass separated either by gas fills or air. Gas fills—commonly non-toxic gasses like argon or krypton—are more energy-efficient than air-filled windows because gas is a better insulator.

Window Glazing

Window manufacturers provide different types of window glazing (glass) that have different benefits, from absorbing more light and UV rays to making the glass shatter-proof. Types of window glazing include:

Clear Glass: Clear glass has no tint and allows the most light and solar heat through.

Heat Absorbing Tints: Heat-absorbing glazing has a tint that changes the color of the glass. The tint absorbs a large portion of the sun’s radiation, reducing the visible transmittance and the glare of sunlight.

Low-Emissivity Coatings: Low-emissivity—or low-e—coatings control the heat transfer through the glass. They reflect infrared light, which can keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer. This type of glazing can also prevent your carpets and furniture from fading and help keep your family more comfortable.

While they can cost 10 to 15% more than regular windows, they can cut your energy bill by 20 to 30%. There are different levels of e-coatings you can choose depending on your home’s location and how much heat you want reflected.

Reflective Coatings: Reflective coatings reduce the transmission of solar radiation, blocking out more light than heat. They are commonly used in warmer climates to reflect the sun and may need to be accompanied by additional lighting indoors.

What Kind of Window Is Best for You?

If you want to figure out what kind of windows are best for your climate, use the window selection tool from the Efficient Windows Collaborative. It will take into account your location, as well as the shading and sizes of the windows, to give you an accurate reading of what type you need. Shanco will install any type of windows made by our manufacturers, so whatever window glass and glazing you choose, we will make sure you get an expert installation. Contact Shanco today for expert window installation!

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